Wednesday, January 23, 2013

General Post about the Tuckers

I'm kinda surprised that I've found the time to post so quickly after that last post - several weeks ago - but here I am! :)
This last weekend, Duane came home on Thursday and left on Saturday, which was a little different from our routine of Friday PM through Sunday afternoon. By the time Saturday night came, I couldn't tell whether it was Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday... All kinds of Crazy!

On Friday, we traveled to Medford (1.5 hrs from home) to run a few errands. Mom Tucker wanted to get out of the house too, so we took her, and left the dogs with Grandpa (Dad Tucker) for the day. We enjoyed the errands, and they enjoyed the spoiling. When we got back, they all piled on Grandma's lap! Romeo in particular loves to give kisses and tell us all about his day!

Over the last few days, Jada has provided the entertainment here at home. She loves to watch "TV", however she can. Last night, she was trying to watch the malamute puppies I pulled up on Youtube for her. Meanwhile, I had a friend I was messaging on Facebook, so I'd keep switching screens on her. Whenever I was on the messaging page instead of her TV, she would nudge my hand, push my arm, or otherwise get in the way until I switched back. Another night, she decided that the clothes dryer would be her entertainment, and pushed up on the step-stool so she could watch the clothes go round and round! When she got tired of that, she would watch in the reflection on the stove, where she could see herself and me. Tonight I finally pulled out an 18"X30" mirror and set it out on the floor for her. She started to charge by, then did a double-take, and can't stay away from it now. The poor girl!!!

A bonus for me this week was finding a yummy, mostly "legal" (for my health-required diet) dessert.

I was pretty stoked! Meanwhile, last time Duane was home, we fixed an oh-so-delicious dinner of Steak with roquefort and mushroom topping, apple-cottage cheese salad, and fried cabbage with oil and balsamic vinegar. My friend, Mindy, and I also made a yummy chicken salad using mojito-lime marinated chicken, cilantro, apple, oil and vinegar dressing (I can't have many of the other dressings, so I'm learning to really like the oil and vinegar!), cheese, and mushrooms. Sooooooo yummy for the tastebuds! It takes time to prepare the foods that I can have, but I'm gradually adjusting and really liking it. Duane even joined me in the new year in most of the diet, with a few variations. It's great to be on the same team!

So news-blurbs for this week:

  • Duane left Saturday for Phoenix, delivered his load of lumber in Phoenix on Monday, then picked up a load of soil additive in Phoenix. He delivered that on Tuesday AM in southern CA to the Links at Spanish Head in Pebble Beach, CA (he was glad to rub that in for my golfer Dad - not a good way to score points with the father-in-law, though! lol). He picked up another load in Monterey, I think (seems like there might have been another pick-up/drop-off in there).  He then dropped those spas off at the fairgrounds in Sonoma County this morning, and picked up another load in Red Bluff today (OCC - or cardboard to recycle), and is currently on his way to Springfield, OR. At this moment, the word is that he'll pick up a load of lumber for Phoenix again in Eugene when he's done with that. 
  • I had to go to the dentist today for an emergency appointment to deal with an ever-increasing toothache. I got relief from that one, but found out I might have to get an upper wisdom tooth pulled. I'm just grateful Duane has offered to take the day off to watch over me if/when that happens. He's mostly just excited to find out what it's like when I pass out, as I did LAST time I had my wisdom teeth pulled (the bottom ones that time). 
  • I've got a "business trip" coming up, so have spent most of this week getting ready for that. Traveling and presentations tend to "take it out of me", so I'm not excited about that part. Just hoping I can have time to recuperate when I get home, before the next round comes up, and that Duane and I will be home at the same time! We've gotten used to only seeing each other on the weekends, but it's a whole 'nother ball-game when we have to go any longer than that!
  • I've been involved in counseling three different ladies one-on-one, mostly through weekly Bible studies, while attending a small group ladies bible study, in addition to facilitating a bible-based study on leadership for our leadership team in CEF each week. God has a sense of humor as he answers my prayers for helping me to stay in the Word and prayer every day!
Blessings on your day! Hope you've enjoyed this window into our lives this week!

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