Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Ode to the Missing Man

*Sappy alert* :)
Okay, so it's Saturday. I have most of a day off. Duane's somewhere in Texas or New Mexico sleeping in the back of a moving truck. And it's my turn to write an ode to my missing man.
Except that to be an ode, I think it would involve some type of rythm or poetic stuff... so... I'll just tell you I'm writing about the missing man. Well, actually, it's just that I really miss my man.
Funny thing how instead of doing something that I know will make him happy when he gets home (like cleaning the house or doing yard work), I just sit here and mope instead. Makes sense.
So... at least if I'm going to escape chores and feel guilty about it, I'll tell you some of the things I like about my favorite man - the one that only I get to call "my Husband". :)
1. Duane is very patient with me.
2. Duane spoils me.
3. Duane works hard to provide for us.
4. Duane hold high standards in doing things right. ... which may also make it on my list of things I DON'T like about my man - especially when it comes to ME having to keep that standard in cleaning, or anything else I don't like to do!!!
5. Duane's eyes are a-ma-zing :)
6. Duane's always watching out for me, whether he's home or not.
7. Duane likes to talk - talking about big stuff or little stuff or deep stuff....
8. Duane makes me talk... which also may make that list of "unlike" stuff.
9. Duane's gentle: with me, with the pets, with family and friends.
10. Duane watches crime shows with me.
11. Duane doesn't make fun of me when I cry at sappy movies.
12. Duane likes to go shopping with me. (Which can also be bad when we're both in a spending mood, but our wallet isn't! lol)
13. Duane is very fun to work with on projects around the house (including building shelves and cleaning out the garage!)
14. Duane likes to cook superbly. - SOOOOOOO yummy!
15. Duane trusts me.
16. Duane is always up for an adventure.
17. Duane is willing to say "I'm sorry" and "I love you" (the latter quite often!)
18. Duane loves God, and it shows in all that he is and does.
19. Duane loves me.
and for the record... I love Duane. And now I'm gonna go show him by cleaning the kitchen and doing *gasp* the laundry!