Sunday, May 1, 2011

Half-Way to 100!

Not too long ago, when I turned 25 (I won't tell you HOW long ago), The Tuckers gave me a birthday card proclaiming "Wow! You're half-way to 50!" Well, I was glad to remind Duane this weekend that he is now half-way to 100!
Anyone who knows Duane knows that he doesn't celebrate birthdays, and he's got decent reaons, but this year I put my foot down. Maybe it's cuz I'm his "new bride". Maybe it's cuz I batted my eyes at the right moment. MAYBE it's cuz he was reminded of one of the reasons he married me: "she fights back!" and he knew I wouldn't back down til he gave in, so give in he did. I told my dear husband that he WOULD have a birthday party, and he WOULD have at least 10 people at his party. What he wanted to do for the party was up to him. He must have been feeling like royalty, cuz he decided that just like the queen, the only presents he wanted anyone to bring was their own "Presence". He ended up convincing 15 people to show up! Of course several people had fun bringing appropriate presents anyway, including the card from Dennis and Melanie that acknowledged his royalty. They encouraged him that being king for a day was a great idea, as long as he didn't spend the whole day on the "throne" (cue flushing sounds as the card is opened). I just gave him a sympathy card, offering my condolences on the passing of his 40s. Duane was a great sport about it all, and ended up having a fantasticly fun day. He cooked dinner for us all in true Tucker fashion: Tri-tip, chicken, green beans and bacon, fruit, veggies, salad, and way more than we could actually eat. Mom Tucker made a great German Chocolate cake (MMMMMMM!!!!), which we topped with all 50 candles. Everyone was duly impressed that my husband so expertly and efficiently blew out every one of those candles (insert snide remark here, including words like "blow hard" and "wind bag")!
I must add a note of great gratitude to both of Duane's parents who showed up hours early to help us get the house ready. I was on Day 5 of a cold/sinus infection, and just generally wiped out. Thank you SO MUCH to them for putting in a long day to make it such a blessing of a party. Oh and Christina and Mona popped up to do the dishes afterward, which was such a relief. We were able to rest that evening, grateful for such wonderful friends! Thanks to everyone who was there!
There's still time to add birthday greetings for Duane in a comment below, as his actual birthday isn't until tomorrow.

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