Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yup, still expecting!

Okay, so I guess I can end the torture now. I was hoping to do it with pictures, but the torture was going on for too long. We ARE expecting: Any day now we’re expecting to pick up Romeo and a girl of unknown name to adopt (seems to me that Juliet would be appropriate! lol). One is five years old and one is three. They do have long ears. They're also pretty hairy. We already told our folks the news, and they were quite excited too. Molly isn't quite as excited, and I'll venture to say she doesn't understand why she can't still be the baby of the family. Our new "kids" are two long-haired daschunds, and will get to be Molly’s playmates. Duane’s talking about taking one on the truck with him at a time, then the other two can entertain themselves at home. Soooo….. only God knows if and when for sure this’ll all go down, but I’ll keep you posted as I can. :)

Friday morning came and went with little time for updates, much less an actual blog report. Duane got home just in time to help me with the CEF Children’s Workers Conference on Friday night and all day Saturday. Oh how much fun!!! It was definitely tiring, and plenty of work, but what a joy! We had about 90 people come to it, and we had instructors from the local CEF (I got to see “my” teachers become instructors!), local children’s pastors, and
CEFers from Salem and Albany (here's a shout out to the Franz’s and the Villanueva’s!). I had SOOO many thanks from people who were grateful for the opportunity to be there, and the quality training afforded them. I got to meet so many more people from the community, and just got to see God do amazing things. We met someone who is planning, Lord-willing, to teach a Good News Club next year. Someone else said that God was challenging them to do more, and an instructor shared how God had been impressing them even more with the need to challenge kids to be missionaries NOW. I got a kick out of the fact that on the evaluations someone had said that the class on discipline needed to be longer!
J Over and over again I’ve  thanked God for his amazing blessing of an entire team to do the job. There is no WAY in the world I would try to do that on my own, but with the team God provided, it was
downright peaceful in the process! Thank you, God!
This coming week is scheduled to be crazy, but in a relaxing kind of way (thank you, God!). I’ll wait for next weekend to report on it though, since only God really knows what’ll happen anyway. One exciting thing that is scheduled though, is that Sarah and I are supposed to start attending the Dave Ramsey course: should be plenty to report on in that department. :)
Blessings on y’all!!!

Cora for the Tuckers J

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  1. Sounds great, Cora! I'm sure you will be blessed by the Dave Ramsey course. I've heard such wonderful things about it. Heather W.