Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Up to Her Eyeballs (Molly's that is!)

Molly desperately trying to get nature off of her!

After surprising me by coming home earlier than expected this week, Duane went and also surprised me with that sweet blog. Awwww! Now we've been "working" in the snow today... packing wood, shoveling snow, etc. So much fun to have Duane home for an extra day!

As we've been working so hard to cut back on all extras lately, it was a special treat when Duane took me to a movie last night! It was actually a movie screening that was for free, and we got to see some of the actors and directors, etc in person. They shared some great testimonies about the process of making the movie, as well as those who have been affected even in the screening process. You should definitely keep your eye out for Loving the Bad Man, co-starring Stephen Baldwin.

Today's blog will hafta be brief, but I wanted to at least check in! I'm off to go sample some of the ham and bean soup that Duane made yesterday! Did I mention I love my husband? :)

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